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购买一个特别的房屋或豪华别墅在巴塞罗那北部海岸- 马雷斯美


马雷斯美是一个巴塞罗那市北部的滨海地区,地理位置介於海岸山脉与海岸间的一个狭长地带。在马雷斯美的大城市- Mataró马塔罗的周边,有几个美丽的城镇像是-San Andreu de Llavaneres丶Sant Vincenç de Montalt丶Premià de Dalt丶Caldes d’Estrac丶Cabrils丶Premià de Mar丶Vilassar de Mar丶Alella丶Arenys de Munt丶El Masnou丶Cabrera de Mar丶Teià丶Sant Pol de Mar,这些地方有许多在巴塞罗那周边的理想别墅。

在不同的地带中,以Supermaresme和Rocaferra最为高端,介於Sant Andreu de Llavaneres和SantVicenç de Montalt之间,在那附近您可以找到一个最棒享有海景的豪宅,并於美丽风景与两个高尔夫球场附近。

Supermaresme附近是Balís港和历史悠久的Balneario Caldes d’Estrac的所在。在它所着名的英国大道上,有建於本世纪初最华丽的现代豪宅,与在巴塞罗那最好的海滩之一上漂亮的滨海房屋。




Alella, located just 15 kilometres from Barcelona, is a small town full of life, surrounded by vineyards and mountains and offering a unique environment to enjoy the most authentic Mediterranean lifestyle. Its proximity to the sea and to Barcelona, its tranquility and its wonderful natural environment have attracted many Catalan families since the 19th century. Hence, its landscape is dotted with historic farmhouses, modernist manor houses and...

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Cabrils | Cabrera de Mar

Cabrils and Cabrera de Mar represent the perfect combination between sea and mountain. Located in a natural environment full of green areas and white sand beaches, the towns are adjacent and are located in idyllic valleys located just 30 minutes from the centre of Barcelona. Recognized with the distinction of gastronomic towns for the quality and richness of their Mediterranean cuisine, their streets are full of great traditional small shops...

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Llavaneres | Sant Vicenç de Montalt

With its prestigious golf courses, yacht club, riding centre, green forests and extensive white sand beaches, the area of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Sant Vicenç de Montalt is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious on the Maresme coast. A perfect enclave to buy your second home or to settle throughout the year in one of its select residential areas such as Supermaresme, Rocaferrera or Bell-Aire. Living here, 40 kilometres from the...

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Premià | Vilassar

The coastal towns of Premià and Vilassar, located only 20 kilometres from Barcelona, invite you to enjoy the sea, the cuisine and the Mediterranean way of life. Far away from the bustle of the big city, both have a marina, golf course and offer a wide range of sports, culture and leisure. Our exclusive houses with sea views located in Premià and Vilassar are especially appreciated by families who wish to reside in a quiet...

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Sant Pol de Mar

Sant Pol de Mar is a picturesque Mediterranean town of fishing origin, made up of white houses and wide beaches of white sand where you can practice lots of water sports. With an important culinary culture, down its narrow streets there are restaurants of recognized international prestige where you can enjoy the delicious regional gastronomy, based on fresh fish and local garden produce. If you are looking to buy or sell a luxury property in...

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Less than 20 kilometres from Barcelona and a few minutes from the beach of Masnou, Teià offers a typical Mediterranean postcard with a landscape of leafy forests dotted with vineyards and majestic farmhouses. Traditionally a summer destination for many locals, this charming town is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. At Barcelona & Costa Brava Sotheby's International Realty we specialize in the sale of luxury...

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Tiana is a village located in the most meridional part of the Maresme, nestled in a lush valley and surrounded by a chain of mountains that protects it from the north winds creating a pleasant microclimate. Just 2 kilometres from the beach and 15 kilometres from the centre of Barcelona, Tiana is a quiet and stately town where modernist buildings and old farmhouses coexist with the most modern villas in an environment that offers all the...

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